weight watcher

Engaged by the PMO to oversee the identification, development and rollout of a CORE ecommerce business/ platform to be rolled-out to the US and [eventually] globally to 22 other partnering countries; while simultaneously [both] identifying and documenting [the] business process plan / model to be used, by the PMO, for executing all future global rollouts; specifically in this project the US and UK

eCom areas of focus would be across the board with special attention being given to identifying and documenting procedural areas requiring [process] work , by other regions, that might require a different process procedure, due to that regions policies, laws and/or local practices. Some of these areas and practices would be: Legal, Vendor / Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Support, Shipping, Payment Gateway, Reporting, Email and Analytics, Content Management, Change Management, Merchandise Catalog, Return & Refund, Taxes, Front & Back office, etc.

Responsible for maintaining adherence to Weight Watchers (WW) PMO project methodology;  delivery of

documentation against WW Proprietary SDLC; managing discussions; amongst and between senior management, project stakeholders, technology personnel and vendors

Responsible for driving all projects to meet timeline through strategic, tactical, QA and release phases -  this to include management of all level of efforts (LOE) including Engineering, IT, IA, Editorial, Copy and HTML efforts

Recruited early in project to manage entire project release consisting of  8 Project Managers and 26 individual projects being rolled-out to separate 22 countries.

In the  Release Managers role I was responsible for  planning, , managing and facilitating all aspects of QA planning, Release and Environment Building; including [the] chairing of weekly  meetings `between and with'  other PM, Engineering, IT, Business and Management staff to discuss the progress of all projects and their individual statuses, risk and issues impacting the timely release of each.

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