First new York securities

Engaged, mid-stream, to oversee, drive and gain control over – the planning, set-up, configuration and end-to-end, roll-out, of a Trade Order Management System (OMS) in an environment, with over 300-traders; in where the strategic phase of the project was loosely executed and NO PREVIOUS OMS existed (fast paced- chaotic environment)

Responsible for assessing state-of-project and helping craft  NEW plan to put project back on track – worked extensively with stakeholders, operations (back-office), IT and vendors to understand work and processes -in-place vs. delayed; helped document and reengineered work streams to facilitate delivery of delayed deliverables and activities – help devise and execute work-around to overcome deficiencies in critical areas – as well, as provide documentation, support and oversight in other areas such as; post implementation, training, data maintenance, on-boarding, performance, date-feed,  etc.




Project required understanding of;  risk and exposure;  trade-flow, desk and order management, exchange, platform, and asset class knowledge –  a working understanding of setting-up/configuring [a] new [Trade] Order Management System (OMS) –Security Master;  Broker, Trader Information, prime Broker, CITCO, Traded Securities, Broker Commission, Exchange Fee’s, Allocation, Destination Station Requests; FIX Messaging/Mapping, UUID, Data Feed, Pricing, Analytics, - and be capable of understanding/driving and helping create [a/the] workflow process  for  getting trades from the execution point, through the OMS, to the back-office (Citco) – resulting in an EOD file at night – and SOD file in the morning.

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