jp Morgan, chase

Global Collateral Management - effecting cash, derivatives, securities and broker/dealer – BDAA Initiative (Business Development Application Architecture) –

engaged to assist in (1) identifying, documenting and validating the ‘current state’ architecture, systems and work flow model of existing collateral management engines, for multiple business lines and operations, within the divisions of treasuries and securities (2) Analysis and reengineering of current state architecture, application's), datastores and application data-flow, to document and provide blue-print for facilitating the building of a NEW ‘Future State’ consolidated (GCE) Global Collateral Engine, for the US (WHEM), UK (EMEA) and Asia (APEC) Markets (3) eliciting and documentation of all business requirements to help provide direction and delivery model for both tactical and strategic phases over the course of 3-5-year evolution.


ghi - group health insurance

eCommerce, Web Portal Initiative aimed at re/hauling and enhancing corporate web/internet portal and services for the purpose of increasing membership (mos / pos) activities and use.

Responsibilities would include: Migration validation from HTML to .NET platform; QA Testing, documentation of existing & desired ‘To Be’ ported functionalities; expanded member data collection processes, member incentive programs, provider bookkeeping, electronic enrollment verification process, improve electronic communication with members – and  elimination of paper transactions for both members and providers. Additional responsibility would include spearheading development and implementation of credit-card and check payment billing system for online and reoccurring billing – to include developing architecture, web-screen access, security, workflow and identifying/mapping of new and existing data sources

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