Engaged to devised and spearhead end-to-end (strategic & tactical) initiative for the purposes of identifying ‘best-route’ to replace existing ‘content’ and ‘revenue / subscription management system for NINE (high-visited) premium gaming, educational and content websites;.

tasked with facilitating, interfacing and managing all front, middle and back office operations/information; including: content/database management, administrative tools, payment gateway,  batch and sweep processes; web marketing and email tools; including  PCI, COPPA & Corporate Security Compliance, API’s and interfaces to multiple 3rd party system/ services

Responsibilities would require and include – The development, facilitation and execution of all activities / roles required, of a Senior BA, PM, Strategic Sourcing Director and QA Manager during a full life-cycle of the project.

ghi - group health insurance

eCommerce, Web Portal Initiative aimed at re/hauling and enhancing corporate web/internet portal and services for the purpose of increasing membership (mos / pos) activities and use.

Responsibilities would include: Migration validation from HTML to .NET platform; QA Testing, documentation of existing & desired ‘To Be’ ported functionalities; expanded member data collection processes, member incentive programs, provider bookkeeping, electronic enrollment verification process, improve electronic communication with members – and  elimination of paper transactions for both members and providers. Additional responsibility would include spearheading development and implementation of credit-card and check payment billing system for online and reoccurring billing – to include developing architecture, web-screen access, security, workflow and identifying/mapping of new and existing data sources


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