BNSF Railway

Engaged as a senior strategist / program consultant to assist in advising and identifying a strategic solution to prescreening -locomotive database trackfiles - before moving these into formal lab testing.  As part of a Federal [compliance] mandate - known as PCT (Positive Train Control) - the creation and testing of database trackfiles would facilitate and allow BNSF to build-towards - and achieve - full PTC compliancy by December 2015 –

·         Provide expert consultation and analysis for incorporating a solution to prescreen locomotive database trackfiles.

·         Elicitation of requirements and formal document including the facilitation of both Scope and Visioning sessions

·         Captured and analyze information to build-out a strategic approach, to addressing the client’s needs, via a strategic sourcing engagement

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·         developed / executed all activities and artifacts required to facilitate the above  including:

  •         Process and data analyses of Testing, GIS and Signal Department Information

  •         Familiarization with PTC compliance mandate and schedules

  •         Development of activities and timeline to execute and manage a successful sourcing engagement

  •         Development of RFI, Vendor Scorecard and POC document

  •         Development and administration of both ‘project’ and ‘vendor’ portals via SharePoint team sites

  •         Forming of steering committee for ‘RFI/POC” review and ‘TOOL’ selection process

  •         Central point of contact for project and vendor inquiries

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