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his actions has facilitated bringing forward new practices, programs, products, departments and [technology/business] change, within tier-ONE and SMB markets; including the building and implementation [of] software development, PMO's, Managed Services, Compliance, Information Assurance, Information Security and ERP practices –

He is both familiar and well versed in dozens of technologies, methodologies, practices and  domains - and  has worked directly for clients on individual, high-profile, initiatives -  as well, as for PMO and Technology practices managing multiple project [portfolios] averaging  between 10- 50 Million Dollars.

His interaction in projects have been both direct and in-direct, as these have consisted in developing, delivering and managing solution either through 3rd party technology solution organizations,  [awarded] contract holders – or directly for the client, as can better viewed in his resume  -end


system Application Experience:
Well versed and experienced in the drafting of strategic and tactical plans - for the building, purchasing, visioning, integration, deployment, customization, reengineering, uprooting, procurement, replacement and testing of both home-grown and Custom-Off-The-Shelf (COTS), ERP, cms, crm, financial / banking, pm / collaboration and ecommerce systems

qa management experience:
HP quality center (win & load runner) static testing, dynamic testing, automated testing, software verification and validation, software quality assurance (sqa), black box,

white box, grey box, system, alpha, beta, non-functional, performance, load, stability, usability, security, compliance and destructive testing.

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